Create a virtual hip tracker in SteamVR using only the position of your head and feet.

Compatible with most full-body tracking methods (more below).

Works with almost anything!

As long as your head and feet are being tracked, it will work.

Vive Trackers
Vive Controllers
Tundra Trackers
All SteamVR devices
Xbox 360 Kinect

Xbox One Kinect
PS Move + Eye
Oculus Touch Link
and more!

How it works:

By using inverse kinematics, the position and rotation of the waist can be approximated based on the position of the head and feet. Because there's only a certain way that the body can move.

Read more on inverse kinematics

Quick Setup

Download the graphical installer
to auto-configure everything.

Download Installer

For advanced users

Download the driver and manually
add it to SteamVR.

Releases on GitHub
aughip-installer-gui v0.2augmented-hip v0.2